Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers the following liberal arts bachelor’s degree programs:

Associate degree programs are also offered in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Minors are available in Psychology, Interpersonal Relations, Sociology, Sports in Society, and Diversity Studies.


The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at the University of Saint Francis will provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to pursue a graduate degree in the field. You will develop critical thinking abilities, an appreciation for individual differences and an understanding of human behavior, which is applicable in many professions.

Criminal Justice and Criminology

In the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. Through classroom and field experiences, you will learn to serve your community while protecting the unique dignity of each person with whom you interact.  

Sociology and Social Justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program at USF focuses on diverse areas of study including sociological theory, research methods, class, race, religion, the environment, gender, crime and justice. Concentrations in criminology and social justice are offered to allow you to shape your major for your particular interests as you broadly prepare for a wide range of professional fields.

A comprehensive list of all courses offered by the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, including prerequisites, can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.